Who we are

EUROAPOTHECA is an international group of Northern European companies that operate retail pharmacy chains and wholesale pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, as well as online pharmacies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. EUROAPOTHECA group was established in 1998.

EUROAPOTHECA currently owns 480 pharmacies and 119 franchised pharmacies in four countries and employs more than 3900 employees. EUROAPOTHECA controls pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė (274 pharmacies) in Lithuania, Apoteksgruppen (150 pharmacies and 43 franchised pharmacies) in Sweden, Euroapteek (76 franchised pharmacies) in Estonia, Euroaptieka (56 pharmacies) in Latvia.

EUROAPOTHECA is a member of “Vilniaus Prekyba” – private holding company which oversees, controls and manages the group of subsidiary companies operating the chains of retail stores, pharmacies and real estate development and management companies in the Baltic States, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria.