Who we are

EUROAPOTHECA is the international group of companies in the Northern Europe and CEE region managing pharmacy retail chains and wholesale companies in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

EUROAPOTHECA has unique brands and owns the reputation of business innovator, reliable partner and preferred employer. Since establishment in 1998, the group successfully operates having a vision to be to the first choice for everyone and everywhere it works.

EUROAPOTHECA currently owns more than 670 pharmacies in five countries, employs more than 3.8 thousand employees. EUROAPOTHECA controls pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė (277 pharmacies) in Lithuania, Apoteksgruppen (191 pharmacies) in Sweden, Euro-Apteka (72 pharmacies) in Poland, Euroapteek (75 pharmacies) in Estonia, Euroaptieka (55 pharmacies) in Latvia.

EUROAPOTHECA is a member of VILNIAUS PREKYBA, the largest diversified international retail group in Baltics with CEE region.