A new international Euroapotheca board has been formed embracing all group countries CEOs


A new international board of Euroapotheca UAB has been formed including CEOs of all group business units in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Poland. The change came into effect on December 3rd.

Laimonas Devyžis, interim CEO of Euroapotheca, has been appointed as new CEO and has been delegated as a board member of Euroapotheca. Mantas Kuncaitis, CEO of Vilniaus prekyba, will continue to chair of Euroapotheca board.

“The new board structure is designed to integrate and leverage further the experience of Euroapotheca subsidiaries in each country, giving more responsibility to separate country business unit CEO for the overall result of the whole group“, says Mantas Kuncaitis, Euroapotheca Chair of the Board and CEO of Vilniaus prekyba.

 The new Board of Directors of Euroapotheca Group:

Mantas Kuncaitis, Chairman of the Board of Euroapotheca and General Manager of Vilniaus Trade

Laimonas Devyžis Chief Financial Officer of Euroapotheca, CEO

Ingrida Damulienė CEO in Lithuania, Eurovaistinė

Natalia Zaharova, CEO in Latvia, Euroaptieka

Oksana Kostogriz, CEO in Estonia, Euroapteek

Sarah Mohammar, CEO in Sweden, Apoteksgruppen

Katarzyna Kornasiewicz, CEO in Poland,  Euro-apteka