Estonian Competition Council approved Ülikooli Apteek acquistion to Euroapotheca’s subsidiary company


Estonian Competition Council has issued an approval to Euroapteek, subsidiary of Euroapotheca, to acquire Ülikooli Apteek pharmacy chain in Estonia from Finland’s state company Yliopiston Apteekki OY.  After completion of the transaction, Euroapteek will buy and integrate 13 Ülikooli Apteek pharmacies and is ready to provide all franchise services to 11 pharmacies that work under Ülikooli Apteek brand name.

Estonian Competition Council has also approved a parallel deal, Euroapotheca group’s wholesale company Baltfarma OÜ to acquire Yliopiston Apteekki OY owned wholesale business company Medapta OÜ.

The Euroapteek network includes 49 pharmacies. A total of 24 pharmacies in Estonia operate under the brand Ülikooli Apteek. After completion of the acquisition the overall Euroapteek network consist of 73 pharmacies, of which 54 owned by Euroapteek OÜ and 19 operating under franchise agreement.

Euroapotheca is a pharmacy group that runs a network of pharmacies and drug wholesalers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and the Ukraine. Euroapotheca comprises of more than 640 pharmacies in six countries and has some 3,800 employees. Euroapotheca manages the Eurovaistinė pharmacy network (270 pharmacies) in Lithuania, Apoteksgruppen (189 pharmacies) in Sweden, Euro-Apteka (83 pharmacies) in Poland, Euroaptieka (52 pharmacies) in Latvia, Euroapteek (49 pharmacies) in Estonia, and Euroapteka (four pharmacies) in the Ukraine.

Euroapotheca is part of Vilniaus Prekyba, one of the largest retail groups in the Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe.