Justinas Miškinis to become the new CEO and Board Member of EUROAPOTHECA, UAB

Justinas Miškinis, current Head of Business Development at Euroapotheca, UAB, will replace Laimonas Devyžis and act as a new CEO and Board Member of Euroapotheca Group from November 17. 

“ I am more than thrilled to take this opportunity and can’t wait to work together with all of you to bring EUROAPOTHECA to its further stage. Last years in pharmacy and generally retail business showed how important is to not only ensure right and needed level of stock, clear guidelines in the pharmacy, but most importantly to ensure seamless contact for our customers face to face in pharmacies, via online, call or any other contact, to ensure their feeling of being warmly welcomed and served to exceed their expectations. I do believe this will remain our Group main priorities and resources dedicated to achieve it.” – says J. Miškinis.

From November 17 Laimonas Devyžis, who until now lead Vilniaus Prekyba and Euroapotheca, will take up the position of the Chairman of the Board of Eurovaistinė.

Commenting on the changes, Laimonas Devyžis states that he intends to focus his efforts and time on the pharmacy business: “Eurovaistinė is one of Euroapotheca group’s key growth drivers. During these challenging times, we need ever more rapid, forward-looking solutions, close collaboration among the group’s companies and sharing best international practices. I join an ambitious team and hope to use my experience in implementing existing projects and taking on new ones. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ingrida Damulienė for her long-term and dedicated work in our group of companies and we wish her success in her further work.”

“Over the five years of my leadership, my team and I have proven that we have achieved goals, which I have set up. In a competitive market, we were number one in all aspects. This is important for my colleagues and for me as well. I believe that the company will stay as the leader and maintain a modern pharmacy direction,” says I. Damulienė.

L.Devyžis will also replace I.Damulienė in other companies belonging to the Euroapotheca group. He will also continue to lead the board of Euroapotheca and serve as board member of Vilniaus Prekyba.