Katarzyna Kornasiewicz takes the lead in Poland as new CEO at Euro-apteka

As from March 2019, Katarzyna Kornasiewicz has been appointed as new CEO at Euro-apteka sp. z o.o (Poland). Katarzyna joined Euroapotheca Group in 2018 as CFO of Euro-apteka having over 15 years of experience in financial sector and business management in such organisations as CITI bank, UniCredit, Assa Global.

Ieva Paulauskienė, CEO of Euro-apteka from 2018 until March 2019, rejoined Euroapotheca, UAB team to continue her career as Head of Commerce Projects at Euroapotheca Commerce department.

Raimonda Kižienė, Chairman of the Board at Euroapotheca group:

“We express our gratitude for Ieva’s efforts done in Poland and we wish all the best of luck to Katarzyna to lead a sustainable development of our business in Poland”.