Laimonas Devyžis to become CFO at Euroapotheca


Laimonas Devyžis joins Euroapotheca team to become new CFO of Euroapotheca group starting from 2nd of May. He will replace Aistė Gervelė, who has decided to leave Euroapotheca group from 1st of June.  

Before joining the Euroapotheca team, Laimonas Devyžis for over ten past years led as CFO in Telia Lietuva, TeoLT, Omnitel, Lietuvos draudimas, Eco Supply Europe.

 “We strive to strengthen further financial synergies on the group level and consolidating funds for our further growth, therefore Laimonas Devyžis‘ experience will help us to pursue ambitious development goals, strengthening cooperation among all group companies in contributing to multilateral business synergy projects. We express our gratitude to Aistė Gervelė for her long year commitment, professionalism and successful implementation of our largest business acquisition in Sweden. We wish all the best to Aistė in reaching new career heights in her new activities”, says Raimonda Kižienė, CEO and Chair of the Board of Euroapotheca.

“I am happy to join a team of professionals who successfully develop the business outside Lithuania. The role of the Finance function in active development phase is particularly important, as it requires the optimal use of available resources and competences at international level, seeking the benefits of scale economies, the consolidation of processes and systems, while ensuring financial capacity for all new development opportunities. From my experience in multinational companies, I will bring good practice that will help ensure sustainable development and implementation of ambitious goals”, says Laimonas Devyžis.

“I started working at the group of companies thirteen years ago – these years were all special. International development, successful acquisitions of pharmacy chains in Sweden and Estonia, restructuring of the group, sales of businesses in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia, various integration and search for new business are the most memorable challenges. Completion of one of the largest deals in Sweden and the CFO of the Year 2018 title at business daily Verslo Žinios contest is a great end of the special period and the time to have a short break before looking for new challenges”, says Aistė Gervelė.

Euroapotheca is an international group of companies operating in the Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, managing retail pharmacy networks and wholesalers in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Euroapotheca operates 670 pharmacies, which serve 40 million customers per year and employs more than 3.8 thousand people. Euroapotheca is owned by the international UAB Vilniaus Prekyba Group, which is one of the largest groups of outlets in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe.