Management rotation at Euroapotheca group companies

On 24 January, Tomas Kibildis will assume the position of chairperson of the management board at Eurovaistinė, a pharmacy network owned by Euroapotheca, UAB, after spending the past two years as CEO for Apoteksgruppen, the group’s pharmacy chain in Sweden. The latter will now be headed by Erik Sjögren, who was previously the company’s chief sales officer and is also joining the Euroapotheca, UAB management board. Former Eurovaistinė management board chairperson Asta Juodeškaitė will be moving to Vilniaus Prekyba to serve as Chief of Staff. Mr Kibildis will replace Ms Juodeškaitė at other companies belonging to the Euroapotheca group as well.

Commenting on these changes, Euroapotheca, UAB CEO and management board chairperson Paulius Mencas noted that this is the usual rotation in the Vilniaus Prekyba group: “The changes that take place in the group are usually geared toward emerging business opportunities and needs. This rotation is no exception, and will allow us to have strong leaders in all three positions that are important to the group. One of the operating principles of our group is ‘if you agreed on something, you can also agree otherwise.’ This means that we systematically question our operations and, as the context changes, work together to find solutions that respond to it. Both this and the other operating principles of the Vilniaus Prekyba group help to constantly look for opportunities and grow, both personally and as an organisation.”

The members of the new Euroapotheca management board are: Paulius Mencas (chairperson), Natalja Zaharova, Dominykas Kryževičius, Tomas Kibildis, Justė Levčenkaitė and Erik Sjögren.

Euroapotheca is an international group of Northern European companies that operate retail pharmacy chains and wholesale pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, as well as online pharmacies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Azeta, UAB, a company developing in Poland.