Natalja Zaharova will lead Euroapotheca’s business in Latvia

Natalja Zaharova, current Head of the Commerce Department at Euroaptieka in Latvia, will become new CEO and Chair of the Board at SIA Euroaptieka. She will replace Ivars Nelsons, who has decided to leave the company after more than three years of work. I. Nelsons will leave his position on May 31st and N. Zaharova will take over on June 3rd. N. Zaharova has gained extensive experience in retail management while working with the leading retail chains and various retail companies in Baltic region.

Raimonda Kižienė, Chair of the board of Euroapotheca group:

“We are happy to welcome Natalja in her new role as CEO of Euroaptieka in Latvia and we wish her the best of luck in building further on our sustainable business in Latvia. We express our gratitude to Ivars Nelsons for his efforts and commitment to implement our group projects and we wish him all the best in his new activities and professional career”.

Ivars Nelsons, outgoing CEO:

“I would like to thank all professional team of Euroaptieka for their exceptional work during the recent years. Together we became an integral and significant part of Latvian pharmaceutical market”.

Natalja Zaharova, incoming CEO:

“I am honored to take over the position and become the CEO Chairman of the Board during this very special time, when the importance of pharmacies only increases, and the assortment and services grow. I believe that team, family and environment are the key to success. It easy to work if the environment around you is supportive and I am thankful for trusting me with this opportunity!”

About Euroaptieka:

Euroaptieka is a pharmaceutical retail chain, which operates 55 pharmacies in all major regions and unites over 500 employees in Latvia. Euroaptieka belongs to Euroapotheca group, the largest Northern Europe pharmacy retail network, which unites over 660 pharmacies and 3.8 thousand employees across the Baltics, Sweden and Poland.