Paulius Mencas is appointed CEO and chairman of the board of EUROAPOTHECA

On 22 July, Paulius Mencas was elected the chairman of the Management Board and CEO of EUROAPOTHECA. EUROAPOTHECA operates pharmacy retail chains and wholesale pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Asta Juodeškaitė, who has managed EUROAPOTHECA up to date, will chair the Management Board of Eurovaistinė. Laimonas Devyžis, who has headed Eurovaistinė, will remain in the Management Board of EUROAPOTHECA and will be responsible for business development of EUROAPOTHECA.

The EUROAPOTHECA Group is a significant part of Vilniaus Prekyba. We see an untapped potential for growth and expansion here. I am also glad that Eurovaistinė will be headed by  Asta Juodeškaitė and that Laimonas Devyžis  will supervise the enlargement of the  EUROAPOTHECA Group business,” Mr Mencas commented on the changes.

The set-up of the Management Board of EUROAPOTHECA will not change: Paulius Mencas (chairman), Laimonas Devyžis, Natalja Zaharova, Dominykas Kryževičius, Tomas Kibildis, Jurgis Rudgalvis, Justė Levčenkaitė, and Asta Juodeškaitė.