“Euroapotheca” grew steadily in 2016

In 2016, consolidated turnover of “Euroapotheca”, a company managing pharmacy chains and wholesale distributors of pharmaceutical products in the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine, has increased by 4,8 percent and amounted to EUR 353 million, excl. VAT. 24 new pharmacies representing the trademarks belonging to “Euroapotheca” were opened, 14 of them in Lithuania.

Rūta Lapinskienė, the Director General of “Euroapotheca”, says that the growth of turnover was induced by the development of the pharmacy chain, growing number of customers interested in health and beauty products, in particular, cosmetics, and increased service quality. “We observed the growth because of newly opened and reconstructed pharmacies as well as improved customer experience assessment. In 2016, the companies of the Group employed about 1850 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, therefore, the development of employee competencies will remain our main focus”, – says R. Lapinskienė.

Speaking about the results of individual companies by country, the Director General of “Euroapotheca” R. Lapinskienė, distinguishes Estonia, which is noted for the largest growth of turnover. Over the last year, turnover of companies operating in Estonia reached EUR 31 million, excl. VAT.

“Compared to the last year, the turnover in Estonia grew by 13 percent. Over 2016, 5 new pharmacies were opened in Estonia”, – says the Director General of “Euroapotheca”.

The largest annual turnover was reached through the Group companies operating in Lithuania. Demonstrating consistent growth these companies increased their annual turnover by 5 percent to EUR 233 million, excl. VAT.

Over the last year, turnover of companies operating in Latvia increased by 10 percent to EUR 49 million, excl. VAT. In 2016, one new pharmacy was opened in Latvia.

The total turnover of companies operating in Poland slightly reduced to 41 million, excl. VAT. Last year 2 new pharmacies were opened, however, the development of the pharmacy chain remains one of the priority areas in Poland. 2 more pharmacies were opened in Ukraine. During the last year the turnover of pharmacies in Ukraine has grown almost 5 times to EUR 0.5 million, excl. VAT.