Forces are being consolidated for the expansion of the pharmacies’ business, controlled by Euroapotheca group

The Vilniaus Prekyba Group consolidates resources for the planned expansion of the pharmacies’ business in the region of Central and Eastern Europe by strengthening the management team of UAB Euroapotheca.

As from 3 October, Raimonda Kižienė, who used to serve on the Board of UAB Vilniaus Prekyba, became the General Manager of UAB Euroapotheca. As from 3 October, former members of the Board of Vilniaus Prekyba – Aurimas Martišauskas and Oksana Kostogriz – also joined the management team of Euroapotheca. In the company, A. Martišauskas will be responsible for business development strategy, while O. Kostogriz – for the area of law. Arvydas Žilinskas, who used to be responsible for corporate affairs of the company Vilniaus Prekyba, became the head of corporate affairs of Euroapotheca.

“We have reviewed the business strategy of the Euroapotheca Group and today we step into the stage of active development, sending a clear signal to the markets about our readiness to look for favourable expansion possibilities abroad – in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, other Baltic countries and the region of the Nordic countries. Currently, we consider business expansion the largest priority of our Group; we will conduct development by looking for favourable possibilities to purchase new chains and companies as well as grow organically and by way of franchise. We have a clear direction and an action plan, which we plan to implement together with the team who prepared it,” says Raimonda Kižienė, Chairperson of the Board and General Manager of UAB Euroapotheca.