Oksana Kostogriz will lead Euroapotheca’s business in Estonia

As of March 18th Oksana Kostogriz became a new CEO and chairman of the board of Euroapteek OU pharmacy chain in Estonia. Oksana has been with Euroapotheca Group for more than 10 years (including two years in Vilniaus prekyba) having a broad business knowledge and vast experience in business management, mergers and acquisitions. For most of this time she has been a member of Euroapotheca, UAB Management Board and Head of Legal and Administration department.

As of March 15th Inna Mets decided to leave Euroapteek OU and Euroapotheca Group to start her own business in management consulting.

Raimonda Kižienė, Chairman of the Board at Euroapotheca group:

“We value Inna’s efforts striving to develop our business organization in Estonia wishing all the best in her future professional career. As a welcoming change and fast growing organization we are happy for Oksana’s dedication and motivation to take the lead in a new role as country CEO to implement our ambitious growth agenda in Estonia”.

Oksana Kostogriz:

“I am thrilled to join team of Euroapteek and to continue building with them one of the most successful pharmacy chains in Estonia. After enlarging pharmacy number by 30% last year, Euroapteek this year is facing a new era in the company’s history: we have to leverage on the size we gained, learn new ways to work being a much larger team and face the challenges posed for us by market and upcoming regulatory changes”.

Inna Mets:

“Any company can only be made successful by people – it’s not merely a matter of speak, but it is truly so! And I say with utmost sincerity – Euroapotheca Group is an excellent company, where people are working with passion and devotion, at the same time being caring and supporting to each other. Euroapotheca has embraced me with enormous energy and also self-confidence, to pursue my long term dream of becoming an entrepreneur – to start my own business in management consulting”.